Agenda helps you in setting up appointments and lets you see what’s going on during the whole day and the current month also. You can find single appointments and set up automatic alert messages via e-mail, as a recall for your customers.


Care is the app for passionate drivers who want constantly take care of their vehicle. Thanks to Care it’s easy to respect time limits: you can keep track of appointments or routine check, and have a direct line with the repair shop.


Parts provides an overview of the whole storage room and allows you to order new parts in real time, so you can always schedule repairs without any delay and have the proper parts for routine maintenances.


Reception helps you when entering data and condition of a vehicle. You can check the status of the repair whenever you need and, at the end of the process, you can easily handle the delivery to the customer.


Task is the tool that actually enables you to keep a close check on ongoing activities, allowing to allocate resources on new repairs, start something new or put together a new team.


Work gives you an overview on vehicles in the shop, helping figure out who is pending his next task. You can estimate damage and working time/type of operation.

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